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Our Story.

Thad and Monica Thomason have been married for 16 years. Both come from fiercely patriotic and independent families. Thad’s father is veteran of the Vietnam war, and Monica’s family runs a third generation American manufacturing business in the heart of Texas. Their teenage son is a competive swimmer and honor student in high school. They live in Austin, Texas with hopes of retiring to the country.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be the marketplace for American made businesses to reach customers everywhere. During the COVID-19 crisis we decided it was time that there be a one-stop-shop for American made products similar to other online market places. Our goal is to showcase great American products. We want American products to be easier to find, buy and sell than imported ones. Additionally, odbody.com will serve as a networking hub to connect manufacturers and suppliers of American made parts and products.

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Our Mission.

Our mission is to support Americans. We will do this by any means necessary. America is the greatest country on Earth, with the most innovative and dedicated people. Our goal is to support those people, strengthen their businesses and connect them to other like-minded entrepreneurs from across this great country. As we grow we will expand our support in other ways that will benefit Americans and their businesses the best way we can.

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