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Terms of Use

The following Customer Policies are part of our Terms of Use (the “Terms”), which constitute a legally binding agreement between you and LLC (“”, “us”, “we” or “our”) when you use and other services or websites provided by (the “Services”). By accepting these Terms of Use you are also agreeing to all of our other policies including our Privacy Policy,

Behavior and Conduct

One of our primary objectives is to make an enjoyable place to buy and sell products that are sourced and made in the United States of America. We require all activities and communications between Customers and Vendors to be professional, respectful and timely. We have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination of any kind or on any basis.

Users of may not discriminate on the basis of, among other things: race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of their activities or interactions.

Additionally, Customers are prohibited from:

  • Interfering with other Vendors’ businesses in any way.
  • Initiating or participating in efforts to coordinate pricing among other Vendors.
  • Altering or misrepresenting product pricing to affect’s commission or transaction fees.
  • Undertaking efforts to avoid earning commission on sales by initiating a transaction on and completing it elsewhere.
  • Directing Customers to purchase their goods somewhere other than
  • Sharing or displaying the private information of any Customer, other Vendors, or any users of
  • Threatening the safety of, or harassing, any Customer, Vendor, or other user of
  • Engaging in any activity that is illegal or infringes on another’s intellectual property.
  • Violating the Code of Conduct is prohibited by our Terms of Use and may be grounds for suspension or termination of your account.


You must be 18 years or older to use without parental or legal guardian supervision. Minors between the ages of 13 and 18 must have a parent or legal guardian create and manage their account, as well as provide supervision while browsing and shopping on or through our Services.

Minors under 13 are not allowed on or to use any of our Services.

How works is a marketplace platform where independent manufacturers and producers, referred to as “Vendors”, upload and sell their American-made goods to Customers. There may be some areas on the website where we feature links to 3rd party websites of well-known and highly trusted American brands that manufacture products right here in the U.S. These companies are referred to as “Affiliates” or “3rd party websites”.

Customers shopping on can purchase products two ways:

  • From Marketplace Vendors through the marketplace platform, which is the most common way to purchase products.
  • From 3rd party websites (Affiliates) by clicking on Affiliate links and purchasing through the featured brand’s website giving you a greater choice of American made products. All 3rd party websites, brands, and products featured on are collectively considered Affiliates of

Purchases from Marketplace Vendors

Vendors set up “shops” on and list their products for sale. A “shop” is made up of web pages dedicated to the Vendor’s profile information, policies and products. earns commission on each sale made on or through our Services from a Vendor. We collect payment from the Customer through our hosted checkout, and then make a payment to the seller for the item sale price plus shipping, less commission and fees. If you have a question about a Vendor or an item, you should reach out to the Vendor via email directly as they are responsible for all of the information and fulfillment of the items they list.

Purchases from Affiliate Links

Clicking on an Affiliate link will take you from the website and will bring you to the brand’s website (3rd party website) where you can view their product(s) and make a purchase. When you click on an Affiliate link, a cookie is saved on your computer which allows the Affiliate to recognize where you came from ( Cookies are not harmful and are very small text files. When you shop on an Affiliate website, you will pay the same price for any item you purchase as if you had gone to the website directly. earns a commission from the Affiliate when you click on an Affiliate link and complete a purchase on their 3rd party website within a certain period of time. This period of time could be anywhere from seven (7) to thirty (30) days. Once you click over to the Affiliate website, you are no longer shopping with and the Affiliate’s terms and conditions are now applicable as they relate to your shopping and purchase experience. The Affiliate website is responsible for, and will provide, all order-related email communications including order confirmation and order shipment details.
Any and all customer support needs arising from your shopping experience and purchase on the Affiliate website should be directed to that website’s customer support team. If you have any issues related to your Affiliate shopping experience which you feel should be directed to our attention, please email our Customer Support team at [email protected]

What does American Source and Made mean on

We take our commitment to American sourced and made products very seriously.

All products sold on or through our Site must comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Made in USA Policy, and we require that all Vendors certify to us that they are in compliance with this policy. For more information on the FTC regulations, go to:’s full American-Made policy can be read here. We require that Vendors fully understand their obligations and requirements for Made in USA labeling, and strongly recommend they read the full policy in order to ensure compliance. During the product upload process, Vendors are required to declare each item as American-made.

In addition to identifying the level of US-sourced components, Vendors must certify that at least 50% of the cost of goods for each product (production material, direct labor, and production overhead) is of U.S. origin in order to upload any products on the site.

American Made and 3rd Party Affiliates partners with and features on our website leading brands, i.e. Affiliates that produce some or all of their products in the U.S. and promote them as such on their own websites. does our best to promote and link only to Affiliate products that are labeled as American-made on their sites, and that are in-stock and available for purchase. 3rd party Affiliates may update their sites from time to time, causing links to break or lead to a different page than originally intended. Additionally, items on Affiliate sites may no longer be available. We will work to rectify these incorrect links as soon as possible, however these changes are mostly out of our control and are unavoidable at times. If you have clicked on a link you believe to no longer be working, please contact us.

All 3rd party websites are responsible for the criteria they adhere to when specifying all or certain of their products as Made in America. It is recommended that you check their individual policies when shopping for American-made goods.

What is our role in your purchase?

As a Marketplace, has certain limitations in your purchase process. Our purpose is to provide a safe, friendly, and easy platform to bring creators of American-made goods (Vendors) and Customers who want to purchase American-made goods together. does not own any brands, nor do we own, produce, or warehouse any products featured on our through our Services. Each Vendor is responsible for all product representations, product information such as product descriptions and product details, and policies related to order processing times, shipping methods and costs, returns, refunds, exchanges, and other policies. payments and payment processing uses Stripe Credit Card Processing as our secure 3rd party payment processor. Stripe Credit Card Processing is PCI Level 1 compliant, which is the highest level of validation and compliance with security standards.

Merchant of Record

Purchases made on or through our Services will show up on your credit card statement as no matter which Vendor/s you purchase product from.

Ordering from

When you place an order on or through our Services, you will receive an order confirmation email letting you know that we have received your order.

Order Cancellations

All Vendors are responsible for establishing their own order cancellation policies. Some of the factors that will determine a Vendor’s ability to cancel an order at the Customer’s request may include, but not be limited to:

  • What the status of the order is – for instance if it has or has not yet been shipped.
  • If the order contains customized or personalized items and the process to customize or personalize is already underway, Vendors may opt not to allow cancellations.
  • All post-Remorse Period order cancellation requests must be directed to the Vendor via email.

It is important for Customers to read the Vendor’s Order Cancellation policy on the product page and on their Shop page prior to placing an order.

Order Processing Time

Order processing time will vary from Vendor to Vendor, and even be dependent on whether the item ordered is available and in stock, or is customized or personalized. requires that Vendors process and ship all orders within seven (7) days of the order being placed, with exceptions for customized or personalized items which have longer processing times. If the Vendor does not fulfill an order within seven (7) days, and has not marked the order as “customized or personalized”, the order will automatically be cancelled by Customers will be notified via email of any unfulfilled order cancellations.

Once an order has shipped, Customers may be sent a shipping confirmation email with package tracking information so the order may be tracked via the shipper.

Vendors are responsible for establishing and clearly communicating the expected order processing time on the product pages and within their Shop. Please review information on the Vendor’s order processing time so you know what to expect.

Returns, refunds and exchanges

As a marketplace of independent Vendors, each Vendor sets their own return, refund, and exchange policies on Before making a purchase, it is advised that you read the Vendor’s policies carefully on the product pages and on the Vendor’s Shop page. If you have any questions, you may contact the Vendor via email for clarification.

All returns, refunds, and exchanges must be coordinated through the Vendor, and all returns need to be shipped directly back to the Vendor at the address they have provided, and not to

Return shipping fee policies are also the responsibility of the Vendor, so it’s important to establish which party, the Vendor or the Customer, is responsible for paying the return shipping fee.

If you are having issues with a product you purchased on, and have tried to work with the Vendor on a resolution but are still not satisfied, please email us at [email protected] We will do our best to try and help you.

Issue resolution

If you are unhappy with an item you have purchased, or have an issue, please contact the Vendor directly to discuss a resolution. If after communicating with the Vendor you are still not satisfied with the resolution proposed, as a last resort you may contact our Customer Support team at [email protected] We will review your issue, however we cannot make any guarantees with respect to a possible resolution.

If you believe that you have purchased an item that does not meet the standards of our American-Made policy, you may open an investigation by reporting it to [email protected] Please include the following information in your email:

Your name
The Vendor’s name
The item name
Item description
Item price
Whether or not you have purchased and received the item
If you have purchased it, please include your Order Number
A brief summary of why you believe the item does not meet the standards of our American-Made policy

Vendor and product ratings and reviews

One of the ways we can ensure the best shopping experience for both our Customers and Vendors is through a ratings and reviews system. and our Vendors welcome both positive and constructive negative feedback. Feedback can be left for both the Vendor and the item purchased. Constructive negative feedback will help all of us understand what we can to do better, and will also help other Customers make better purchase decisions. Please note one person’s negative view about an aspect of a product is not necessarily another’s. Only constructive negative feedback will be published to the site that is feedback which is useful and will be helpful to others in making the best purchase decision.

All ratings and reviews submitted will be reviewed by, and reserves the right in our sole discretion to determine which ratings and reviews to publish or not publish to the website.

Vendor and product ratings and reviews can only be left when a Customer has created an account and is logged in. The feedback option will be available only for items that have been purchased on or through our Services by the Customer. Once a rating and review is left, it will be reviewed by and published to the Vendor’s profile, and the Customer’s name who left the review will be publicly visible in the Vendor’s profile.

Reviews, like all content and interaction on, are subject to our Code of Conduct.

Managing your account

We encourage Customers to create an account in order to have the best shopping experience possible. Additionally, creating an account on will enable faster check out. Customers can delete their accounts at any time by going to My Account and clicking on “Deactivate Account”.

Account information can be changed, updated, or deleted at any time by going to the My Profile page in My Account while signed in.

Your privacy is our greatest concern. For more information on the information we collect and what we do with it, please see our Privacy Policy.

Unsubscribing from Emails

You can unsubscribe at any time from our email marketing communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all marketing emails we send you. Additionally, you may request to be unsubscribed from our marketing emails by emailing us at [email protected] It may take up to three days to stop receiving marketing emails from

Please note that if you unsubscribe from our marketing emails, you will continue to receive order and account related emails from us.

Last updated September 2020

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