American Sourced, Made or Shipped From Policy

All products sold on must comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Made in USA Policy.

This policy, nor any other policy stated on, is intended to constitute legal advice, and does not set forth all applicable legal requirements pertaining to “Made in USA” labeling requirements. See also “Important Notice to Shoppers”, below. is built, and will grow, on transparency for our shoppers. We want to make our shoppers aware of the business and/or product origin of all products sold on We will do our best to differentiate between products that are made, all or in part, in the USA and those that are shipped from USA based businesses.

Important Notice to Shoppers: While we require that our products be either Made in the USA or shipped from the USA, we rely on the accuracy and truthfulness of such certifications from our distributors in determining whether that distributor is compliant with such policy. While we will conduct further investigations if we receive notice that a distributor is in violation of this policy, we cannot guaranty that the displayed country of origin information is accurate or consistent with information provided to us by a distributor.

While works diligently to showcase only items that are either made in the U.S.A. or shipped from the USA, any and all liability for noncompliance lies with the distributor of the product and not