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Hermans Eco

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The Green Eco Show . Hermans Eco is a brain child of Eco Fashion Designer Anna Herman. some say  she is Deep Green . Everything about the environment  is important . We produce in the USA and we watch our supply chain. Many of the clothes are main from  found vintage natural cloth . We make organic too. Hermans does hand dying sometimes.  Other times  we use low impact fabric paint to create out own graphics. We like prints that reflect American life  showing things from our culture . Anna Herman is best known for her men’s line but is also  equally as good at women’s. We make many things , Most of which is High Fashion . We care about the environment and ship plastic free. That’s Fast, Free and Plastic. I have heard it said that every piece is special and tells a story. Anna Herman is from Washington DC has a degree in fine arts . Herman’s Eco   Head quarter is in Deer Loge , Montana.

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