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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of the success of all online stores. Proper SEO of your store and your products help search engines like Google and Yahoo better index, find and display your store and your products to prospective buyers. The Store SEO tool included in your Vendor Account allows you to enter the information needed to help your store rank in online searches. In addition to that the Store SEO tool will generate Sitemaps which makes it easier for search engines to find and index your your store and your products. Additionally the Store SEO tool included in your Vendor Account also tells your social media platforms how to display your posts when you share content. Good news is that as a Vendor on odbody.com you have access to one of the most powerful SEO tools used today without the hassel or need for any technical expertise.

Vendor Store SEO

To customize the fields of your Store SEO, log in to your account and navigate to your Vendor Dashboard and select Settings and then Store SEO. In your Store SEO you will find your broad store SEO options:

SEO Title:

Enter your store title here. The Store Title is shown as the title of your store page when it appears to the Search Engine Results Pages(SERP). The search engines will only show the first 50-60 characters of your site title so generally speaking it should be less than 60 characters long. When deciding on a store title it is best practice to include your business name and a brief description of you what you offer.
SEO Title

Meta Description:

Edit the Meta Description of your Store page to boost your Store’s SEO. The Meta Description is often shown just underneath the SEO title in the SERP. It indicates to what the page is about. The number of characters of Meta Description should be less than 160 characters. The meta description is a longer detail of what you are selling using important keywords that your buyers may use.
Site Meta Description

Social Media Optimization

As you probably know whenever you paste a website link on social media like Facebook or Twitter, there are some fields like Title, Description, and Image. The problem is that these options are often automatically filled out. Sometimes they are not filled out properly and so your visitors might be unable to detect your content.

SEO for Facebook & Twitter

Title: This is the title of the page while you are sharing the store page on Facebook or Twitter. Edit the title to make your posts more relevant. Description: This description refers to the text shown when you share your store on Facebook or Twitter. Like the Title, you could edit this field in order to keep the relevancy of your post. Image: To get better visibility of your page, it is best practice to set a relevant featured image. You can set and change the social media image as often as you like.

Product SEO

Optimizing your products for the search engines is also important to your store’s success. The same principals apply to products. Make sure to use a good, descriptive title, short description, long description, and appropriate tags and categories. All of these things will not only help your products get found as buyers search the store, they will help the search engines index your products.

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