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As an odbody.com Vendor you are required to use Stripe processing to collect withdraws for sales made on the site. Stripe is a well known, easy to use application. To set up your Vendor Stripe account go to your Vendor Dashboard>Settings>Payment.

From that page click on the Connect with Stripe blue button. This button will open the Stripe Account Set up information. This application requires all of your applicable business information so that your money can be passed back (and forth in the event of a return).

If you already have a Stripe account you can skip the application form and login using the stripe login link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Stripe Connect

Once you have entered in all of your business information, click on the ‘Authorize access to this account’ button at the bottom of the form. You will immedatiely be taken back to your Vendor Dashboard and your account is now connected with Stripe . Make certain to click on the Update Settings button when you return to the payments page to save your information. Now you are ready to add products and start selling!

Stripe Authorize

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